Queen, role model, goddess.

Partially responsible for the creation of Star Trek

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I never get tired with petalpops’s au where Haru merman lives in Iwatobi pool. I will be tagging these au things as “haru in iwatobi pool”. 

Makoto, you have no idea…

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my blog is like this fucking grab bag except you never exactly know what you’re going to get in said bag

is it fandom???

is it feminist rants???

is it food???

who knows you could probably find a fucking crocodile in there

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Highway Through Mountains [via/more] By Balasanu

For a minute I thought this was my hometown. ;3;


Highway Through Mountains [via/more] By Balasanu

For a minute I thought this was my hometown. ;3;

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the original idea was to have nagisas parents heads fall out of the bag but i didnt know if people would get the joke because i dont know what nagiasa parents even look like


Dead End, Keith Alexander


Dead End, Keith Alexander

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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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Okay, here’s a little lesson on roleplay etiquette, everyone.

So one of my RP buddies ended up just ditching me. I heard from a friend that he wasn’t enjoying the relationship between our characters (which is fine, idgaf), so he just decided to ignore me. I reiterate - he did not…

Sometimes RPs don’t work out even between long-time RP buddies. Sometimes one of you will be really excited and into it and the other one just can’t get into that world, or just doesn’t feel that scenario. Being honest about it is always better than gritting your teeth and starting to dread RP sessions.

tmirai and I have been RPing together for a long time, and we’ve created many awesome RPs, but even between us there is at least one verse or storyline that each of us loves and the other is totally lukewarm (or worse) about. It can be hard to disappoint the other person and just say “Look, I’m not feeling this :T”, but it allows you to move on and create something else that you both enjoy

And sometimes you can go back to that verse, like, on their birthday, and be like “I’m giving you this RP I feel totally bwuh about for your birthday, cause I know you love it so much. ILU”